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Electrical Insulating Paper
STBPI can supply NMN, NHN, DMD, Kraft Paper, and many other types of papers. Depending on customer requirements of quality and price, we can offer the right product quality to meet your application. These products are widely used in Electrical Industries. Please click for more information.
Modified polyester film polyester fiber non-woven flexible composite material
Product Description
TH-DMD modified polyester film polyester fiber non-woven flexible composite material offers high mechanical strength, good immersion property and electrics. Its thermal index is F.
Typical Application
Slot and phase to phase insulation in class F motors
 TH-DMD  TDS ISTH-DMD Data Sheets.pdf     
  TH-NHN (TDS isTH-NHN Data Sheets.pdf ); TH-NMN (TDS isTH-NMN Data Sheets.pdf


Insulating Kraft Paper

Products Instruction
The kraft paper is made by 100% high quality sulfate insulated pulp, is the low voltage class insulated paper, 
is widely used for manufacturing magnetism wire of transformer, communication cable and other electrical insulated 
equipment. The kraft paper is rolling paper with 625mm width and 680-730mm diameter.



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