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STBPI enjoys a unique position as a specialist Industrial Trading Company that supplies various equipments and materials in a vast range of industries. In addition to in depth service given to the local Chinese market, the Company has embarked on an adventurous yet highly successful international commitment, gaining recognition in the global market.

STBPI was established in 2005, sourcing from many major manufacturers, we offer the most comprehensive range of materials and export to many countries all over the world.

STBPI is based in the economical capital of China, namely Shanghai. STBPI can arrange for equipments and materials to be individually designed to suit client's requirements and provides service with a high level of efficiency.

Whatever you may be looking for in Ceramic,Motors,Generators,Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mineral, Cement, Iron & Steel, Silica, Machines, Wood & Paper, Automobile and many more industries, STBPI always offers satisfaction with a realistic price.

Whatever you may be looking for to satisfy your requirements, consult STBPI for a friendly, helpful and reliable solution.


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