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Y-series(IP44) AC Motors


Y-series is TEFC squirrel cage three-phase inducion motor.Noubting dimensions and rated outputs are conformed with IEC.IP44 degree of protection,IC411method of cooling,continuous duty(SI).Y-series motors can drive various kinds of mechanical equipments without special requirement,such as machine tools,pumps,blowers,mixers,conveying machinery,agrichltural machinery and food machinery,etc.

Y-series motors(frames sizes 80~315) accord with Y-SERICES(IP44)THREE-PHASE ASYNCHRONOUS MOTOR OF NATIONAL STANDARD JB/T10391-2002,Y-series motors(frame sizes 355)accord with Y-SERIES(IP44)THREE-PHASE ASYNCHRONOUS MOTOR OF NATIONAL STANDARD JB/T5274-1991,and with high efficiency,high locked torque,safe operation,high reliability,low noise and vibration.

the insulation of fraame sized 80~315 is CLASS B,and of 355 is CLASS F,rated voltage 380V,frequency 50Hz For motors of 3KW and below the stator windings ars connected in Y while for those of other power they are in△.At an operation place,an altitude above sea level should not exceed 1000m,and ambient temperature varying with seasom should be not over 40℃ and not below-15℃,The highset monthly overage reative humidity in the most humid mounth should be 90% while the montyly mean lowest temperature not over 25℃.

The standard motors have one shafe extension,but two shaft extensions may be on request,The second shaft ectension can drive rated load, but connects load by coupling only.

Provided motors with other rated outputs,voltages,freuencys,degree of protection and humid-tropic type(TH),ect.

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