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Ceramic Fiber Rope
 1260 CRAMIC FIBRE ROPE  is a  thermal fabric woven of wool Ceramic Fiber Yarn
 Characteristic  •  Non-combustible 
                              •  Can withstand temperature up to 2300o F
                              •  Excellent abrasion resistance
                             •  Low thermal conductivity 
                              •  Asbestos free
Application        •  High temperature static seal e.g. door joint or gaskets for flanges.
                             •  Fire protection e.g. fires proof curtain against welding spark.
                             •  Asbestos substitute
                             •  For manufacturing of safety product e.g. safety gloves or apron.

Classification temperature            1260oC (2300o F)
Long term service temperature   1000 oC
Melting temperature                        1740 oC 
                                                                                    Specification      Average
hemical composition %                 Al2O3               >    44.0               46
                                                           Al2O3 + SiO2       >    98.0                 99

Color          Diameter of fiber        Thermal conductivity @ 1000 oC        Ignition Loss
White                 3-4um                                 <0.18w/m.k                                     18%
Long term service temperature       Glass fiber                                        Steel fiber
of the reinforcing material                  
                                                                       650 oC                                            1000 oC
 STBPI ALSO CAN OFFER 650 ROPE 650_rope_data_sheet.pdf


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