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Silicon carbide material
STBPI can supply various kinds of Kiln Furniture such as Batts, Splicers, Props, Shoes, Caps, Beams, Slabs, Supports, Burner Tubes, Saggars, Plate Setters, etc.
Usage: Used for the production of art ceramics, domestic ceramics, sanitary ware, special ceramics, magnetic materials of the kiln, tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln. 
Technical Specifications:
 Item  Unit  Result 



 SiC  Wt%   89.5 
 SiO2  Wt%   8.5
 Al2O3  Wt%   0.7
 Fe2O3  Wt%   0.6



 Bulk Density  g/cm3  2.8 Min
 Porosity  Vol%  11.6

 Bending Strength

Temperature   kg/cm3  400
 1200    kg/cm2  500
 Cold crushing strength  kg/cm2  1450
 Thermal expansion quotient  /  4.8 x 10-6
 Thermal Conduction  Kcal/  13.8
 Load intenerate point    1750






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