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Barium Carbonate

STBPI can supply Barium Carbonate in both Granular and Powder forms as per customer requirements. Please enquire. These can be used in a number of industries including Ceramics and Glass.

Barium Carbonate 
  Chemical formula:   BaCO3                     Molecular weight:  197.35                      Bulk Density:    1.5-1.8 g/cm3
 Characteristics:            White Granular or powder,  Soluble in acid,     Insoluble in water, Poisonous
  Chemical Analysis:
                               Purity (BaCO3)                        99.20% min.                     
                               Moisture                                   0.30% max.
                               Total Sulphur as SO4            0.25% max.                          
                               Fe                                              0.004% max.
                               Cl                                               0.01% max.                                                    
 Particle Size For Granular Goods
                               +125 µm                                        0.2Max.                                    
                              +850µm                                          1.0% max.                                     
                               -105µm                                          15.0% max.
 Particle Size For Powder Goods:      +45µm ,     1% Max.
 Main Usage:     Manufacture of special glass                             
                             construction  materials, ceramics, magnetic materials, various barium salts; also used as    
                             chemical reagent, etc
  Packing:          1000/ 25kg Plastic Woven Bag
 Packing Picture:









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